New look and feel to Student Outlook

The Student Office 365 upgrade has begun for all CCC students.  Student’s email will have a new look and feel with the new version of Outlook that is included as part of Office 365.

To learn more about using the new Outlook email version, see the URL’s below:

Please contact the District Office Help Desk at Ext. 2600 if you experience any problems after the Student upgrades.



Sharing a Calendar Instructions

Instructions on how to share a calendar has been posted to this blog under “Training” .  If a user wishes to share his/her calendar with another user, follow these instructions.

Workaround for “Undeliverable” messages

When sending an email and receiving the error message below, follow the given workaround to sending the message.  Please refer to the instructions under the menu “Training”.  The instructions are titled “Workaround to ‘Undeliverable’ messages”.

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

The e-mail address you entered couldn’t be found. Please check the recipient’s e-mail address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

Setting up your mobile device with Outlook

For any users wanting to receive their CCC Outlook email on a mobile device, there are easy-to-follow instructions posted on this blogsite.  Under the “Training” heading, find the instructions under “Setting Up Mobile Device”.  There you will find the instructions for setting up an Apple device (iPhone, iPad) and instructions on setting up  Android devices.  To set up a Blackberry device with Outlook, please call the OIT Helpdesk at x2600 for help on setting up this device.

New procedures on sharing folders

New procedures on sharing folders have been posted under “Training”.  Follow these procedures to create a new folder in Outlook and then grant access of that folder to other specified users.

Outlook configuration procedures for the Mac

Now posted under “Training” are the Outlook configuration procedures for the Mac.  OH and HW techs providing post-migration support on Monday should follow these procedures to help set up users with Apple Mac computers.

Email issue when sending to HW and OH users

 A new issue has been discovered, several users reported having difficulties sending emails to recipients at Harold Washington and Olive Harvey colleges.

It was determined that it was caused by one of address book’s feature that stored local addresses in  previously used GroupWise format even after it was manually deleted and synchronized with the CCC Global Address Book. This issue will be gone once the 2 colleges are migrated successfully to Office 365 this weekend. Meanwhile, the OIT team tested this workaround that allows sending emails to recipients previously unavailable.

Use OWA to send the emails to unavailable addresses; this method did not produce “undeliverable error messages”.

New procedures on proxy access

New procedures have been posted on how to set up proxy access.  If you need to grant someone access to your email, calendar or tasks, follow these procedures.  There is set up needing to be done by the user granting access and set up by the user accepting access.  The procedures are in this blog under “Training”.

New Outlook QRG’s

Now posted under the heading “Training” are Outlook Quick Reference Guides (QRG’s).  The QRG’s are reference guides on how to use Outlook 2010.  There is a QRG on how to use the Outlook client and a QRG on how to use Outlook Web Access.

More FAQ’s

Based on feedback received, more questions and answers have been posted to the FAQ’s section.  There is an entire new section called “Office 365 Migration” which gives much information for users about their upcoming email migration.  Check it out!